Know Before Applying

Pet Policy

Most of our apartments and houses allow pets. There cannot be more than two dogs. All Security deposits are refundable. We do not charge for documented service animals. Rents and Deposits are needed only for free roaming pets such as dogs and cats. We do not require deposits or rents for animals that are confined to their cages or aquariums or that are only allowed out with direct supervision.

  • Pricing
    • $35.00/month per pet additional rent
    • $350.00 per pet additional deposit

Allowed Pets

While we do accept most varieties and dispositions of pets we do have the following criterion.

  • Free roaming pets must be over 6 months in age.
  • Free roaming Animals must be housebroken.
  • Animals are not permitted that by their nature cause damage.
  • No animals will be allowed that cause, or have a history of causing, personal injury or property damage regardless of cause.,
  • No animals will be allowed that make noise continuously and/or incessantly.
  • No animals will be allowed that exhibit aggressive or vicious behavior or are of species or breed known for aggressive behavior.
  • No animals will be allowed that are conspicuously unclean or parasite infested.
  • No animals will be allowed that are allowed to roam the Dwelling Unit unsupervised and are known carriers for disease infectious to humans.
  • No animals will be allowed that are allowed that are illegal to possess in the State of Montana, or whose basic needs cannot be met without breaking the laws of the State of Montana.
  • No animals that by their nature have the possibility to escape their enclosures and proceed to infest confined spaces such as walls, basements, and attics will be permitted. No animals that by their nature lay large amounts of eggs or have numerous offspring will be permitted.
  • No animals may be kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purposes.
  • No animals found by the Tenant in the wild are allowed.
  • No traditional farm livestock are allowed.
  • Offspring of approved pets must not be kept.

Unauthorized Pets

No unauthorized animal(s) shall be allowed to be on the premises even temporarily unless written permission is received. Pets of guests are not allowed on the Premises. The tenant could be subject to a 3 day eviction, $100 per day per pet fee and the Tenant will be required to get an immediate carpet cleaning.

Rules Of Care

  • Pets are to be confined to the Tenant’s apartment or house at all times, except when on a leash, not to exceed four (4) feet in length, and accompanied by and/or under the control of the Tenant.
  • At no time will the pet be left unattended when out of the Tenant’s apartment or house.
  • Tenants who walk pets are responsible for immediately cleaning up after their pets, and discarding the securely bagged pet droppings in an appropriate trash receptacle on a daily basis.


Tenant is responsible for any and all damages caused by the pet and agrees to reimburse Manager for all such damage. Tenant also understands that any damage to the landscaping or lawn area (bare patches, worn paths, etc.) will be replaced with new landscaping and lawn will be re-sodded.

Appliance Rental Policy

We have appliances for you to rent on a month to month basis with no commitment.

Washer and Dryer Sets

  • Rent: $35.00/mo for the set
  • Deposit: $65.00 for the set

Vacuum Cleaner

  • Rent: $5/mo
  • Deposit: $0.00


  • Rent: $9/mo
  • Deposit: $0.00


  • Rent: $5/mo
  • Deposit: $0.00

Air Conditioners Coming Soon